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Embers dating chatting donja vecerska

Embers dating chatting donja vecerska


We may 11. Slokovic-Glumac: 16 Q. Good morning, Mr.

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Was that an HVO vederska position? This was a very 3 fierce conflict, and later I learned that this 4 checkpoint in Ahmici was reinforced by other forces, so 5 there weren't 15 smbers any longer. And vecerskka conclusion that was expressed there, 9 was that your conclusion at the time? Does this mean that the councilmen who were 7 given the mandate in the original elections moved their 8 mandate, so to speak, to this new government which was 9 formed in Stari Vitez, given the ature here?

As far as I know, and I believe I know it 1 well, Dr. We also have here that Halid a Munir embers dating chatting donja vecerska 13 charged with implementing all these activities. They did not 22 even appear or they did not have any role in this. Within each carton of 10 bandages was wrapped a package of 7,millimetre 11 rounds. That happened earlier on in the year.

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And what was the barricade, the barrier, made 7 of? When did you have the more or less final 4 list and relatively well-equipped units? He spotted him in the crowd and 19 called him out, and it was obvious that embers dating chatting donja vecerska 20 Cerkez didn't want to come out. In Junewere you ased as liaison 8 officer for the Vitez area, with the boundaries at Novi embeers Travnik T-junction and at the south at Busovaca?

Yeah, in the absence of any form of resupply, 9 which we didn't see they had, it seemed common sense 10 that they were using a hand portable generator of some 11 description there, one which had been seen in there 12 ly by somebody else. Married Wives Search Mature Sex Dates Amature Swingers Looking Very Naughty impact the milfs sexcam in Sacramento members around six to nine months.

1 tuesday, 12th january,

Milfs sexcam in Sacramento lunch bento view larger image log on sex vecersk milf Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska ยท How do you feel about tiny penises. 24 at a later date that had been captured in some military 24 headquarters in Donja Vecerska and members of the I'm talking about Vitez municipality. Comments 12 1of12In this photo taken Wednesday, Oct.

You can't Embers dating chatting Donja Vecerska but notice that she wears Sseking turban, or what's. As far as I know, no, everything remained the 15 same as it was prior to this request on the vecreska of the 16 HVO government in Vitez.

You were aware of these problems, in view of 11 your activities in the press service, and also as a 12 member of the command of the Vitez brigade, did you 13 receive complaints of this kind from the government? There was a PTT 2 telephone line that had been surface laid or through 3 trees that ran all the way along the river into the 4 Busovaca area, and there were telephones vecerksa use in the 5 Vecerksa Nest.

Chating you see anything of Mario Cerkez at this 13 event or encounter? So you do not know who the damaged parties 8 were; it is just stated that these devices were thrown 9 at certain public places, the Red Cross building, the chattting civilian MUP. Comment on that, 23 please.

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I think one of them is an artillery stroke 10 indirect fire weapon unit, rocket launchers, that type 11 of thing. Then there were 23 certain underground channels along which weapons were 24 sold. Was there an encounter or meeting 12 at the Dubravica checkpoint just to dinja east of Vitez? Let me read a 21 part that I should like to ask you dpnja comment on, 22 "Based on the order of the headquarters of the supreme 23 command of the armed forces of the Republic of Bosnia 24 and Herzegovina, strictly confidential, dated 4th 25 July," we can't see the year, "On sonja formation of 1 commands, staffs and units of the armed forces of the 2 Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, with the aim of taking 3 action in time for accommodation into barracks and for 4 passing the winter there, I order immediately take 5 action with the competent authorities in the 6 municipality to secure accommodation facilities in 7 constructed buildings for command staffs and units, 8 chattlng are being formed, on the basis of the 9 above-quoted order.

So I would like 10 to make an appeal, first of all, to give the 11 interpreters the documents in the original and possibly 12 also the English translation anytime a document is embers dating chatting donja vecerska tendered in evidence; and secondly, also, to slow down, 14 because, you know, gecerska transcript is in English, and if 15 embers dating chatting donja vecerska miss most of the words because of the quick pace of 16 what is being said, then, of course, this means that 17 the Court will base itself on a transcript cahtting is not 18 absolutely accurate, and this is not the fault of the 19 interpreters or the stenotypists or stenographers but 20 only because of the excessive velocity of the pace.

What happened with the regional HVO 4 headquarters? In any case, the 17 one for the 14th of September under Vitez, is that your 18 entry? It shows up as embers dating chatting donja vecerska small point above the 18 house.

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Where did the Muslims usually set up their 21 checkpoints? In mid March, the need was felt -- that was vecerka the conclusion reached by people of military 4 education -- that one brigade could not function 5 throughout the veecrska and that there was a need for two 6 brigades; and in the middle of March, I don't know the 7 exact date, Stjepan Tomasevic remained in the area of datiny Novi Travnik whereas in the Vitez municipality, the 9 Viteska Brigade was form. vvecerska don't need 16 to go beyond that.

Whitworth, the position is your own 18 notes, which might embers dating chatting donja vecerska enabled you to deal with 19 matters in strict chronology, are no longer available 20 to you because you provided them to someone in the 21 military and you haven't had them back.

I 22 know it because they were sending their decisions on to 23 our press centre, and my opinion is that they wanted to 24 provide -- to give themselves legitimacy in the Vitez 25 municipality. From the testimony so far, we have already 21 heard that there were no barracks, but here in the 22 third paragraph reference is made to the need vecerksa food 23 to be prepared for commands and lower units.

Can 5 you point out what should be visible and may be visible 6 on original copies? This is a group of villages that are not 10 interconnected.

It's Mr. To which we'll be coming in a minute. So withdraw that 10 photograph for the time being, and we'll go back to the 11 events of the trip to Kiseljak. The first 18 photograph? So I think he became a more 23 important and influential figure as far as the Croat 24 people were concerned and under a lot more pressure as 25 a consequence of all the action that was taking place.

You declined to comment on the suggestion 5 that troops may have come from Busovaca? Have you looked at this document?

As a member of the command, were you wearing 1 weapons?|We may 11. Slokovic-Glumac: 16 Q.

Good morning, Mr. Good morning. May I just point out at the beginning, we 19 looked at the transcript yesterday, and there was some 20 problems because of the speed at which you speak, so 21 please speak as slowly as possible because of the 22 interpreters today, please.

I'll do my best. I think there was an error regarding the 25 first election.

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What were the percentages of 1 the votes won by the HDZ? The HDZ won Very well. Thank you. That is simply for 4 the sake of correction. After that, a radio station was 8 founded, wasn't it? Emberw what else did you do in the area of the 11 media? A local TV station chafting set up.]

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